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What is it with women these days? It seems there is an exponential increase in women who want to “peg” their man. Is it an issue of pleasure? Is it an act of domination? Just why are women clamoring to get their butt stroke going? In the past couple of years I’ve had several women ask me to be their “bend over boyfriend” (I have yet to decide if this is a compliment or not). I’ve politely declined every overture, but I have been left wondering, “What the F— is going on?”

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This isn’t a subject I’ve really discussed with any of my male friends. But from what I gather it seems that there are more and more men getting pegged by their girlfriends (and liking it), just as there are even more men who are adamant that their asses are ‘no fly zones’. Members of the no fly zone camp tend to fall into two categories:

  1. Those who don’t think it will be pleasurable or who are simply not interested in anal play.
  2. Those who feel it will emasculate them and/or don’t enjoy being dominated.

Personally, I’m not worried about being emasculated in the bedroom. I’m a man, always have been and always will be—I’m just not sure I see where the pleasure will come into it for me (please spare me the conversation about my prostate being stimulated).

This whole debate about pegging reminded me of something my brother’s friend Edward once said many, many moons ago. According to good old Ed, just as women lose their virginity when a phallus penetrates them, we men are virgins until we too are penetrated by a high hard one. I’m not sure if Ed was full of shit or ahead of his time, but with my virginity intact I ask you good people:

What turns you on or off about pegging? Is it a matter of turnabout being fair play? For those without a penis, does the idea of having one turn you on? Does a man being pegged make him less of a man in your eyes? Fellas, are you too proud to be pegged?

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