Video Wall Installing Managing Your Promotions

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For installers, managing all cables and inputs on a large video wall can be very difficult. The more flat screens in the video wall matrix, the more difficult it is to set up this device. Retractable wall mount is the perfect solution for video walls, digital signage and single-screen comfort applications. Not only do these solutions achieve optimum viewing angles, they also provide easy-to-install screen installers for easy installation and maintenance of Video Wall, saving you time and money.

Video Walls in Multi-Screens Looks Better

Retractable mounting solutions can include various features to create and maintain multi-screen configurations. When choosing a wall mount bracket, the latch must follow these five tips to ensure maximum ease of installation and maintenance of the Video Wall:

  1. Look for a solution that is at least 5 to 7 inches long. The video will also provide easy access to cable TV and service delivery in hard-to-reach locations, even on the Wall Matrix home screen.
  2. Select a pull-out stand that allows you to fine tune it. This will ensure that the screens are perfectly vertical, even when there is no wall.
  3. Select a system that provides height and level improvement after installation. Without this feature, designers may have difficulty achieving full compatibility.
  4. After installation, select the towing bracket with side-shift function. With this advanced feature available in some retractable mounting solutions, installers can move screens together to speed up the process by moving them to simplify day-to-day maintenance.
  5. Make sure the installation solution has advanced security features. For example, some mounting devices offer an audible click as a safety feature when the screen is in a safe place. Some mounts also allow the installer to attach an additional security lock.


Customers Satisfactions

Not only can you provide your customers with all kinds of useful information with Video Walls, but you can also create a turning point that screams "wow" when customers see full and colorful shapes. By combining multiple LCD screens, your wall generates the attention it deserves to your advertising offer and can answer many customer and customer questions based on the content you display. Whether you have a small wall with two units or a large wall with eight or more units, you are looking for "wow".

Slightly Expensive Display

Although the most expensive visual displays are slightly more expensive, the minimum size is surrounded by LCD screens, so it is clear that not all Video Wall are suitable for the best screen. Many different price ranges and offers are available depending on each budget. The uploaded screen will have a very thin bezel of only 7.3mm, while the cheaper options will have a 90mm thicker panel, but they are still able to display your messages with minimal attention, even though a few screens are separated by widescreen edges.

Depending On The Specifications

Prices range from just $ 1,400 per unit to more expensive models at just over $ 4,000 per unit. LCD units are like flat Video Wall TVs that can stand upright and horizontal. There are some options, which are amplifiers and others that are not, and mounting equipment can be either flat or side mounted to achieve the type of display unit you are viewing, and may also vary depending on the specifications of the wall. Var.

LCD Video Wall Monitors

The way you build a video wall can depend on your budget, and the more screens you need to place, the better the screen resolution. Because LCD monitors work with natural precision, the window output configuration allows for better resolution and more screens that you attach to your wall. When designing your wall, you need to be limited to space size and budget, but you can also customize where each screen can be displayed on different screens and very different screens, or make their contents configured with a single page percentage.

Advance Technology With Better Results

With advanced technology and software that lets you configure your display wall the way you want, you can view promotional messages, play live, and access any of your PCs Download types of information and offers. For this reason, it is popular in business schools, companies, universities, adult education institutions, bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos, health care institutions, financial commerce, investment and banking institutions, and many elementary and secondary schools have begun to use technology.

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