Comparison Of Medigap Plan F In Different States

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The time when a person must think about his health is not certain but he should keep some money aside from his monthly income to keep himself healthy and enjoy the medical facilities when he needs. Many private insurance companies provide many different plans to provide the best medical services to their clients. The Medicare supplement plans are the best plans that are offered by the company and many services are provided to the person so that they cannot be worried about the surgery or any minor visit to the physician. The person must pay monthly premium to the company to be served by the insurer when he needs. The plans are not only for those who have retired or reach the age of 65 or more. The supplement plans can be used by the young if they have to go for a surgery or visit the doctor they want. The monthly income and the strength of the person to put aside money for his health decide the supplement plan he must choose.

Advice from the insurer

The insurer can advise the person about the plan which will best suits him and the person can easily decide from the ten Medicare supplement plans. The Plan F is the best plan that is currently available. The cost of the plans is different in different areas. The Plan F is mostly selected by the people and the insurer can guide the person about the discount offer or the price at which he is going to sell you the supplement plan.

Plan beforehand

It is an expensive step to get retire in this age today. According to the stats an average person needs more than a million dollars in his savings by the time to retire. This fact is overlooked that Medicare is helping beforehand of retirement. You do not have to vary about your health care and wellness issues when the time of the retirement gets near. When you get attached with the Medicare insurance policies the life becomes easier.

Cost of Plan F in different states

The average cost of the Medicare Supplement Plan F is $1712 annually which comes to around $143 per month. According to the stats the most used and affordable plans by Medicare is Plan F.

  • It is highly recommended in Hawaii. In Hawaii average annual premium of Plan F is $1310 per year which cuts down to $109 per month.
  • In Massachusetts the prices are much higher, and the Plan F will cost $1947 which is roughly $162 per month.
  • In New Mexico the annual premium is $1464 that is $122 per month.
  • Iowa is another popular state where you can find Plan F ranging $1468 that is roughly $122 per month.
  • Oregon is a rich state where the premium of Plan F is $1468 cutting it down to $122 per month.
  • Wisconsin is following Oregon with the annual premium of $1495 which is average $124 per month.
  • Maine has the premium of Plan F 41507 that is roughly 125 dollars per month.
  • Idaho has the premium value of 1519 dollars per annum cutting it to average dollar 2126 dollar per month.
  • In Montana you can annual premium of Plan F to be $1526 which is $127 per month.
  • State of Virginia has the average premium of $1558 annually that is roughly $129 per month. There are many companies that can offer this plan on discounted price also.
  • North Dakota has a wide market of competition in the market and the insurance companies provide the best suitable price to their client. It has the annual premium of $1564 that is roughly $130 per month.
  • Missouri is following the footsteps of North Dakota to set the bar of Plan F premium for the members. There are agencies in Missouri that are providing a premium limit of $1565 which ends up to be $1230 per month.
  • Oklahoma has a higher rate of Plan F because of its popularity and selection. It ranges to $1712 that ends up to be roughly $142 per month.
  • Delaware is leading the premium race of Plan F with annual cost of 1730 dollars breaking it to dollars 144 per month.


There are certain things to remember while going for the Medicare supplement plans.


  • When you buy a Medigap policy you pay a monthly premium to a private insurance company. This monthly premium is in addition to the Part B premium that you pay for your Medicare. 
  • Medicare supplement plan is only for one person not for a couple. If you and your spouse want a Medigap policy, you will have to buy it separately. 
  • Medicare supplement plans are available at an insurance company having a license in any state you live.



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