Storm-Proof Your Home: Hurricane Shutters & Impact Glass

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There are various types of panels, but when you live in places like the gulf areas and the Pacific Ocean, you know that picking out the shutters for your house should be taken very seriously.

Impact glass windows production involves the use of impact laminated glass and a space silicon glazing. Impact glasses are beneficial as they are durable and hard to break. They are also known as hurricane-resistant or storm proof glass. Impact glasses may still shatter upon very forceful hit, and that is why you need the hurricane shutters.

Hurricane shutters are solid Shutters put in place to protect the people inside from harsh weather.  Hurricane shutters also perform other functions as they serve as a security measure, they are fire-resistant, and they serve as sunshades.

 Storm-proof your home: hurricane shuttersLinks to an external site. and impact glass

There are various types of screens, but in preparation for a storm, there are some things you must consider before choosing a panel.

The first thing you should consider is durability. The strength of the shutter is fundamental. If you don't pick a strong enough shutter and it gets unhinged during the storm, the pressure from the wind might cause the house to blow away. Debris can also fly into the house and harm the people inside the house. Another thing to put into consideration is the size of your doors and windows. If you have large windows and doors, the accordion hurricane shutters are the best.

Types Of Hurricane Shutters

Accordion Hurricane Shutters

The Accordion hurricane shutters are cost-effective hurricane shutters that are easy to use. They have an interlocking blade system that folds when not in use. The Accordion hurricane shutters can last for a lifetime and are suitable for large windows and doors. The Accordion Hurricane Shutters are permanently fixed and so once installed doesn't require any preparation than to be pulled shut during a storm. This type of hurricane shutters can be locked with a key and thus can for security against burglars. The Accordion Hurricane shutters do not offer much in terms of beauty, so if you are worried about your window and door covering looking appealing, it might not be the right way to go.

The Bahama Hurricane shutters

The Bahama Hurricane Shutters are popular on tropical islands. They are very stylish and easy to install. The Bahama hurricane shutters double as sunshade and they help control the light entering the house. This type of Hurricane shutter is weaker than the other panels. They used for windows only.

The Bahamas hurricane System doesn’t take much time for preparation before a hurricane. It can also double as a shade. It provides Shade from the storm and privacy from outsiders.

The Roll-up Hurricane shutters

 The Roll-up hurricane shutters production material includes either Aluminum or steel, with Aluminum being the preferred choice. The Roll-up hurricane Shutters uses a motor to control it. It also doubles as security shutters. It is impossible to Roll up the shutters without using the motor, which makes it suitable for hurricanes and security purposes. The hurricane shutters look beautiful and can be used as a decoration when not in use.

Fabric Storm Panels

The fabric Storm panels are economical. They are the cheapest among the hurricane panels of a permanent nature. They are easy to use and don't necessarily require an installer but may need more than one person to put up. Correctly placing this type of coverage is essential, it won't line up. It is sturdy and can be folded up when not in use. The fabric storm panels are built to withstand category five hurricanes. The Fabric storm panel is made with solid synthetic PVC coated fabric, much like the one used by designers.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters

The Colonial New England homes inspire the Colonial Hurricane shutters. They usually require Rods to hold them or may be added to another type of panel if you want maximum protection. The colonial hurricane shutters are generally built without protection against bad weather in mind, but they have the storm rated options.

Hurricane Glass

The hurricane glass may eliminate the use of shuttersLinks to an external site., but if you want maximum protection, it is better to use both the hurricane glass and the hurricane shutters.

If you want to storm proof your house today, try one of these options.



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